Shopia is an AI-powered writing and SEO assistant designed to scale your business. It allows you to generate 2500+ word articles, use a long-form editor with over 80 writing templates, and analyze top-performing content in your niche in a data-driven way. With Shopia, you can plan and execute winning content strategies, from blog planning based on keywords to writing quality, SEO-optimized, and plagiarism-free articles.

Key Features and Use Cases:

  • Bulk generation of 2500+ word articles, enabling efficient content creation.
  • For versatile content creation, over 80 different writing templates, including AI-generated images.
  • Ability to write and translate content in over 30+ languages, catering to a global audience.
  • Bulk generation feature that allows uploading inputs via CSV and generating content using over 80 different templates.
  • Over 5000+ integrations with Zapier, allowing easy integration with your existing workflow.
  • Workspace organization and team member assignment for efficient content management.

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