Alura is a comprehensive platform that supports every aspect of the Etsy seller journey, from research to marketing. It provides tools that simplify keyword and product research, shop operations, and marketing. With Alura, Etsy sellers can uncover high-demand, low-competition products and keywords, optimize listings, manage finances, and drive sales with integrated marketing solutions. It’s the perfect companion for Etsy sellers looking to grow their business.

Key Features and Use Cases:

  • Comprehensive keyword and product research tools to uncover high-demand, low-competition products and keywords.
  • Shop operations and finance management tools for listing optimization, customer follow-ups, and financial tracking.
  • Integrated marketing solutions, including email marketing and automated social media posts, to drive sales.
  • Shop analyzer for insights into key stats, best-selling products, pricing strategy, and more.
  • Listing helper for higher ranking listings based on Etsy’s seller handbook.

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