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Avoma is an all-in-one AI Meeting Assistant designed to enhance the entire meeting lifecycle. From scheduling and agenda collaboration to automatic recording and transcription, Avoma streamlines the meeting process. During meetings, it offers live bookmarking and collaborative note-taking. After meetings, AI-generated notes and topics provide insights, conversation, and revenue intelligence. Avoma also offers features like snippets, comments, playlists, scorecards, and more to facilitate data-driven decisions and coaching. With integrations for calendars, conferencing, dialers, and CRM, Avoma is optimized for various organizational needs, including sales, customer success, marketing, and recruiting.

Key Features and Use Cases:
• Scheduling & Agenda Templates: Easily schedule meetings and prepare agendas with human-like AI notes.
• Automatic Recording & Transcription: Actively participate in conversations while Avoma transcribes in real-time.
• AI-Generated Notes & Topics: Receive detailed notes and insights, saving more than 10 minutes per meeting.
• Conversation & Revenue Intelligence: Control talk-listen ratio, manage pipelines, and identify deal risks.
• Collaborative Features: Bookmark key moments, give feedback, share snippets, and curate playlists for learning.
• Integration with Favorite Tools: Seamlessly integrate with calendar, conferencing, dialer, and CRM tools.

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