BotB9 is a state-of-the-art AI chatbot platform that can be custom trained with your business data to respond to customer inquiries. Designed to answer sales and support questions, BotB9 offers a no-code, embeddable solution for websites and mobile apps. Users can train the chatbot with up to 4,000 words of data, making it smarter. With white-label branding and custom themes, BotB9 ensures seamless integration with your existing branding. Beyond sales and support, BotB9 has been utilized for various use cases, including fitness coaching, relationship advice, and AI math tutoring. Offering 24/7 private portal access, BotB9 revolutionizes customer engagement and support.

Key Features and Use Cases:
• Custom Trained ChatGPT: Train the chatbot with your business information for specific sales and support responses.
• No-Code Embedding: Easily integrate BotB9 into your website or mobile app with simple copy-paste widgets.
• Continuous Training: Your personal AI chatbot gets smarter with more data, allowing ongoing training and retraining.
• Custom Branding: White-label chat widget customizable with your branding, color, and theme.
• Versatile Use Cases: Utilized for various applications like fitness coaching, relationship advice, and AI math tutoring.

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