$6.99 is a unique platform that uses neuroscience-backed music to help you focus, relax, and sleep better. The platform creates music designed to guide your brain into peak mental states. By embedding patterns in the music that change the patterns in your brain, can increase focus up to 10x over just 10 minutes compared to normal focus music. The National Science Foundation supports the platform and is trusted by millions of users worldwide. With, you can take control of your mental state on demand using sound.

Key Features and Use Cases:

•’s music guides your brain into peak mental states, enhancing focus, relaxation, and sleep.
• The platform offers a unique song customization feature, allowing you to adjust the song to match your needs.
• is supported by the National Science Foundation, validating its scientific approach.
• The platform’s music encourages your brainwaves to stay in a pattern associated with focus, making it more effective than normal music. • employs multiple full-time composers to create original music informed by their research, ensuring a unique and pleasing auditory experience.

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