Browse AI is a powerful tool that allows you to extract and monitor data from any website without coding. It’s designed to help you train a robot in just a few minutes to perform tasks such as data extraction, monitoring changes on a webpage, and even setting up prebuilt robots for popular use cases. With Browse AI, you can transform any website into a custom API, making it a versatile tool for data-driven decision-making and automation.

Key Features and Use Cases:

• Data Extraction: Extract specific data from any website as a self-filling spreadsheet.
• Monitoring: Extract data on a schedule and get notified of changes.
• Prebuilt Robot Setup: Browse prebuilt robots for popular use cases and start using them right away.
• Custom API: Turn any website into a custom API for your specific needs.
• GeoLocation-Based Data: Extract data based on specific geolocations.
• Extract Data Behind Login: Browse AI can extract data from websites that require login.

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