$299 is an innovative platform that leverages AI to automate the sales process, helping businesses find ready-to-buy B2B leads. eliminates the need for cold prospecting, instead focusing on leads who are actively seeking your solution. This approach not only increases sales but also significantly shortens the sales cycle. The platform offers real-time email verification, automated prospect research, and a built-in AI sales rep that learns and improves over time.

Key Features and Use Cases:

• targets leads actively looking for your solution, increasing sales and shortening the sales cycle.
• The platform offers real-time email verification, ensuring you never worry about bounced emails.
• provides automated prospect research, crafting highly personalized messages that your prospects can’t ignore.
• The platform’s built-in AI sales rep learns about the leads you seek and how you communicate with them, improving over time.
• can autonomously send and respond to sales emails like a human sales rep would.
• The platform tailors sequences per prospect, prioritizing channels they are more likely to respond to quickly.

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