Cursor is an AI-first code editor that redefines the way developers build software. Designed for pair programming with AI, Cursor offers features that unlock massive speedups for engineers. From chatting with your project to generating code from scratch, the editor is built to save time and increase productivity. It even scans your code for bugs and helps you fix them instantly. Trusted by tens of thousands of engineers, Cursor is not just another IDE; your coding companion understands your codebase and offers tailored solutions.

Key Features and Use Cases:
• AI-Driven Code Assistance: Get answers tailored to your repository without hunting for code.
• One-Click Migration: Import all your VSCode extensions, themes, and keybindings effortlessly.
• Debugging Made Easy: Automatically investigates linter errors and stack traces to figure out the root cause of bugs.
• Local Mode for Security: Store none of your data in servers or logs, ensuring security.
• Multifile Generation: Launch complete projects with AI, understanding your codebase for a seamless experience.

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