Deepgram offers two core products: a Speech-to-Text API and a Speech Understanding API. The Speech-to-Text API is designed for real-time transcription with high accuracy, making it ideal for applications like call analytics and podcast transcription. On the other hand, their Speech Understanding API goes beyond mere transcription; it can summarize any audio or video content, powered by advanced AI language models. This is particularly useful for summarizing meetings, interviews, or any spoken content that needs to be quickly understood.

Key Features and Use Cases:

  • Speech-to-Text API: Transcribe high-quality audio in real-time, ideal for call analytics and customer service applications.
  • Speech Understanding API: Summarize spoken content from audio or video sources, useful for quick content comprehension.
  • Real-time Transcription: You can transcribe an hour of pre-recorded audio in about 12 seconds.
  • API Integration: Allows seamless integration into existing tech stacks, making it developer-friendly.
  • Language Models: Utilizes advanced AI language models for both transcription and summarization, ensuring high-quality results.

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