Eesel AI is designed to be your company’s ultimate knowledge oracle, capable of answering any question instantly. It integrates seamlessly with platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and can also be embedded as a website widget. Eesel AI is not just a chatbot; it’s a comprehensive knowledge base that can pull information from Confluence, Jira, Notion, and Google Docs. The SOC2 compliant platform ensures that your data is secure and only accessible to your designated oracle. With its ability to offer high-quality GPT-4 replies, Eesel AI stands out as a powerful internal and external customer support tool.

Key Features and Use Cases:

  • Multi-Platform Integration: Works instantly with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and can be added as a website widget.
  • Comprehensive Knowledge Base: Pulls information from various sources like Confluence, Jira, Notion, and Google Docs.
  • High-Quality Replies: Offers GPT-4 generated responses for more accurate and insightful answers.
  • Data Security: SOC2 compliant, ensuring your data is secure and accessible to your oracle.
  • Automated Website Crawler: Automatically syncs pages and indexes them for quick retrieval.

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