Elai offers a cutting-edge solution for creating personalized AI videos with diverse digital avatars from text. With Elai, users can build customized videos featuring a presenter in minutes without needing a camera, studio, or green screen. The platform offers multi-lingual voice cloning, automated translations, video generation from prompts, article-to-video conversion, PPTX-to-video transformation, and more. Users can even create their digital avatars and clone their voices with Elai. Trusted by over 2000 companies globally, Elai is revolutionizing how videos are created, saving time and money while enhancing viewer engagement.

Key Features and Use Cases:
• Multi-Lingual Voice Cloning: Clone your voice into 8 languages for narration.
• Automated Translations: Translate videos into 75 languages with one click.
• GPT-3 Integration: Create scripts and generate videos based on text prompts.
• Article-to-Video Converter: Turn blog posts into narrated videos effortlessly.
• Personalization at Scale: Deliver targeted messages and build stronger customer relationships.
• Screen Recorder: Capture and upload screen recordings for video presentations.

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