Excelly AI is a cutting-edge tool that effortlessly converts plain text into complex Excel formulas. It supports Excel and Google Sheets and even explains generated formulas. Users can upload their own *.xlsx files and create formulas based on specific spreadsheets. Excelly AI also provides features like VBA generation, formula transformation between Excel and Google Sheets, and Slack integration for team-wide productivity. With support for intricate formulas and meaningful prompts, Excelly AI considers individual spreadsheets’ column schema, allowing users to write context-aware prompts. It’s a brand-new technology that enhances Excel and Google Sheets usage for teams of any size.

Key Features and Use Cases:
• Generate Formulas: Create any formula for Excel and Google Sheets, explaining each formula.
• Upload Custom Spreadsheets: Use meaningful prompts to generate formulas based on your spreadsheets.
• Explain Complex Formulas: Let Excelly AI break down and explain intricate formulas.
• Generate VBA: Instantly create any VBA formula, adding more functionality to your spreadsheets.
• Transform Formulas: Convert Excel formulas into Google Sheets formulas and vice versa.
• Slack Integration: Enable Excelly AI for your team via Slack, or use it directly in your browser.

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