Finiite is a state-of-the-art platform that leverages deep learning to offer personalized product recommendations for retail businesses. By understanding customer preferences, skin type, and images, Finiite’s software instantly suggests suitable products, enhancing the shopping experience. The platform’s standout feature is its AI Skin Check, where users can take photos for virtual skin assessments, guiding them to relevant products in the store. This boosts cart checkout ratios and significantly increases revenue by converting unused site traffic into loyal customers. Retailers can also gain insights from the free dashboard, understanding consumer data and how the API contributes to revenue growth. Designed for scalability, Finiite offers a cloud-based solution with flexible pricing, ensuring businesses of all sizes benefit from its AI capabilities.

Key Features and Use Cases:
• AI Skin Check: Users can take photos for virtual skin assessments, leading to relevant product suggestions.
• Instant Product Recommendations: Tailored product suggestions for each customer and site visitor.
• Boost Cart Checkout: Enhance the store experience and improve cart conversion ratios.
• Revenue Growth: Convert passive site traffic into engaged customers, increasing sales.
• Consumer Insights: Access to a dashboard providing valuable consumer data and API performance metrics

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