$10 is an innovative tool designed to transform the way you conduct and analyze meetings. It automatically records and transcribes meetings, making it easy to review discussions, track key points, and follow up on action items. With its AI-powered search, you can quickly find specific topics discussed in your meetings. also provides conversation intelligence, allowing you to track speaker talk time, sentiment, and other key metrics. It’s an ideal solution for teams looking to enhance their productivity and gain valuable insights from their meetings.

Key Features and Use Cases:

• AI-Powered Transcription: Automatically record and transcribe meetings across various video-conferencing apps, dialers, and audio files.
• Intelligent Search: Quickly find specific topics discussed in your meetings with AI-powered search.
• Collaboration Features: Add comments, pins, and reactions to specific parts of conversations. Create soundbites and easily share memorable moments from meetings.
• Conversation Intelligence: Track speaker talk time, sentiment, monologues, and other key metrics to gain valuable insights and improve your processes.
• Workflow Automation: can automatically fill out your CRM, create tasks with voice commands, and share meeting recaps to your favourite collaboration apps.
• Privacy Controls: Set custom privacy controls to ensure only the meeting information you want is visible to appropriate team members.

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