Floneum is a workflow engine that allows you to build AI-powered workflows visually. It provides a graph editor for local AI workflows, making designing and implementing complex processes easy. Floneum uses WebAssembly to load plugins in a sandboxed environment, providing access to only the necessary resources, and ensuring system security. You can write plugins in any language that can be compiled to WebAssembly, with ergonomic wrappers provided for Rust, but also usable with C, Java, or Go.

Key Features and Use Cases:

• AI-Powered Workflows: Build AI-powered workflows visually with a graph editor.
• Secure Plugin Extension: Extend Floneum securely with plugins loaded in a sandboxed environment.
• Language Flexibility: Write plugins in any language that can be compiled into WebAssembly.
• Ergonomic Wrappers: Floneum provides ergonomic wrappers for Rust, but you can also use C, Java, or Go.
• Local AI Workflows: Design and implement complex processes with a graph editor for local AI workflows.

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