Formula God is an innovative add-on that allows users to communicate with Google Sheets using built-in artificial intelligence. It empowers users to summon answers and perform tasks they never knew how to do before. With Formula God, users can manipulate data and calculate values across full ranges, not just cells, making it a powerful tool for anyone working with spreadsheets. Whether struggling with formulas or looking to save time and enhance productivity, Formula God offers a seamless experience. Users have praised it as a personal assistant for Google Sheets, transforming their workflow and making complex tasks more straightforward. With free plans available, Formula God invites users to discover spreadsheet omnipotence.

Key Features and Use Cases:
• AI-Powered Formulas: Using artificial intelligence, create and manipulate formulas in Google Sheets.
• Range Calculations: Work with full ranges, not just cells, for more comprehensive data handling.
• User-Friendly Interface: Input what you want the formula to do, and Formula God does it for you.
• Time-Saving Tool: Enhance productivity and reduce frustration with intuitive formula creation.
• Free Plans Available: Access the core features for free and explore the limitless possibilities of Google Sheets.

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