Global Predictions

Global Predictions


Global Predictions is a unique platform that offers the world’s only commercially available digital twin of the economy. It provides unbiased macro insights and tools to explain economic shifts, develop and manage investment portfolios, recognize risks, and forecast the future. Users can import their 401k, crypto, real estate, and investment accounts to get automated recommendations from an expert system. Global Predictions’ Forecasting and Optimization System has been shown to outperform benchmarks by 3-6% per year, making it a valuable tool for investors.

Key Features and Use Cases:

• Digital Twin of the Economy: Understand shifts in the economy with the world’s only commercially available digital twin.
• Portfolio Management: Import your investment accounts and get automated recommendations to improve your portfolio.
• Risk Recognition: Identify risks and problem areas in your investment strategy.
• Future Forecasting: Use the platform’s tools to forecast economic trends and make informed decisions.
• Proven Performance: The Forecasting and Optimization System outperforms benchmarks by 3-6% per year.

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