Gooey AI is a no-code platform that simplifies the integration of generative AI into various applications, particularly for eCommerce and innovative online brands. Described as a combination of Zapier and Pinterest for Generative AI, Gooey AI offers access to the latest models from OpenAI, Stability, Google, and more. Users can find, tweak, and fork simple workflows to their websites or apps, all from one billing account. Gooey AI provides a wide range of functionalities, from creating AI Art QR Codes to summarizing PDFs and Google Docs into a Vector Database. Whether you’re looking to build interactive chatbots, create visual content, drive more traffic, or publish your workflow, Gooey AI offers a seamless and transparent solution.

Key Features and Use Cases:
• Access to Latest AI Models: Utilize models from OpenAI, Stability, Google, and more.
• Generative AI Apps: Build, distribute, and find generative AI apps tailored to various needs.
• Interactive ChatBots and VideoBots: Create bots with personality and logic, and add audio + lipsync.
• Visual Content Creation: Make animated videos edit images, upscale photos, and more.
• Drive Traffic with Smart Tools: Utilize SEO Page Summary, AI-Generated Photos, and other tools.
• Instant Deployment: Demo ideas quickly and integrate with products in an hour.

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