HeyLibby is designed to revolutionize the way professionals engage with their leads. Recognizing the importance of immediate response, HeyLibby steps in when professionals are occupied, ensuring leads are promptly attended to. The platform is especially beneficial for event planners, artists, coaches, real estate agents, photographers, and other professionals. HeyLibby’s capabilities include instant lead engagement, vital information gathering, concise summary creation, and scheduling meetings with qualified leads directly on the user’s calendar. This saves professionals valuable time and prioritizes leads, allowing them to focus on the most promising ones. For leads, the experience is enhanced with an immediate and engaging response, reducing their chances of exploring competitors. Currently, HeyLibby is free to use, with features unlocked through referrals.

Key Features and Use Cases:
• Instant Lead Engagement: Promptly engage with leads even when professionals are busy.
• Information Gathering: Collect essential details from leads to understand their requirements.
• Concise Summaries: Get a snapshot of lead interactions and their needs.
• Direct Scheduling: Set up meetings with qualified leads without manual intervention.
• Referral Benefits: Unlock all features by referring HeyLibby to peers.
• Dedicated Support: Reach out directly to the HeyLibby team for feedback or requests.

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