HeySheriff is a Slack bot designed to enhance team communication and efficiency. It helps users find exactly who to talk to and automatically answers questions or mentions relevant people, saving time and bridging communications between team members. With features like channel rotation, users can set up a rotation of users to be the “sheriff” for each week, ensuring that questions always receive a response. The platform also offers smart answers, where Sheriff learns from conversations and uses AI language models to answer incoming questions automatically. Whether it’s tracking recurring meeting hosts, protecting team time, or reducing interruptions, HeySheriff offers a flexible and intelligent solution for managing Slack channels.

Key Features and Use Cases:
• Channel Rotation: Set up a rotation of users to be the sheriff each week, ensuring responsiveness.
• Smart Answers: Utilize AI to answer questions, saving time for the team automatically.
• Knowledge Discovery: Find the right channel or suggest people who know the most about a topic.
• Protecting Team’s Time: Reduce interruptions and manage support tickets, code reviews, and more.
• Flexible Scheduling: Customize the schedule for rotating roles in any channel.
• Pricing Options: Free for the first 100 monthly messages, with paid options for additional features.

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