Hovercode is a cutting-edge platform dedicated to generating and managing dynamic QR codes. With the capability to create trackable QR codes, Hovercode allows users to measure the success of their marketing campaigns, offering insights into which campaigns are most effective. The platform boasts features such as custom “eye” styles, logo modes, and the generation of artistic AI QR codes. Users can also generate various QR codes, including vCard, App Stores, Send a message, and more. Additionally, Hovercode offers a bulk QR code generator, enabling the creation of multiple QR codes simultaneously. With continuous updates and enhancements, such as improved analytics with charts and activity data export, Hovercode remains at the forefront of QR code technology.

Key Features and Use Cases:
• Dynamic QR Code Generation: Create trackable and editable QR codes tailored to specific needs.
• Comprehensive Analytics: Gain insights into QR code performance and compare campaigns.
• Customization: Add logos, choose from “eye” styles, and create round QR codes.
• Diverse QR Code Types: Generate QR codes for vCards, App Stores, messages, calls, and more.
• Bulk Generation and Export: Generate and easily export multiple QR codes.

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