ImageCreator by Alkaid Vision is your go-to Photoshop plugin for generative art. This professional Generative-AI Plugin supports SDXL 1.0 and offers a seamless workflow to create stunning art in just minutes. You can bring your creative vision to life with three generation methods—TXT2IMG, IMG2IMG, and INPAINTING. The plugin also features a ModelHub, allowing you to customize and directly use models within Photoshop. Its powerful functions include Prompt Editing for positive and negative prompt input and ControlNet for more accurate results.

Key Features and Use Cases:
• Prompt Editing: Input both positive and negative prompts for tailored results.
• ControlNet: Use multiple control models and process settings to achieve more accurate outcomes.
• Three Generation Methods: Choose from TXT2IMG, IMG2IMG, and INPAINTING for diverse creative needs.
• ModelHub: Customize and use generative models directly within Photoshop.

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