InterviewBot is an interview preparation tool tailored to assist individuals in their journey towards success. With a selection of 20 diverse interview subjects, users can benefit from the customizable avatars and an array of options. Whether opting for the complimentary 10-minute interview with up to 20 questions or subscribing for additional practice, AI coaching tips, and professional feedback, InterviewPal caters to individual needs. The tool further showcases feedback from 200 beta users and expert insights from an advisory team well-versed in student and recruitment domains.

Key Features and Use Cases:

  • Personalized interview practice with customizable avatars.
  • Access to 20 interview subjects for comprehensive preparation.
  • Free 10-minute interview session with up to 20 questions.
  • Upgrade for more training, AI coaching tips, and professional feedback.
  • Reviews from over 200 beta users for user insights.
  • Advisory team expertise in student and recruitment markets.


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