Kaedim is revolutionizing the 3D modeling landscape by magically transforming 2D images into high-definition 3D models in minutes. Tailored for game developers and 3D artists, Kaedim offers a respite from traditional, time-consuming modeling tools. Users can upload images, and Kaedim swiftly delivers a production-ready 3D model. The platform also introduces automatic texturing, adding vibrancy and detail to models without manual intervention. With over 27,107 models generated and 101,651 artist hours saved, Kaedim is an indispensable tool in the 3D modeling world. Supported by industry leaders in AI and gaming, including investors from Google and Sandbox, Kaedim is at the forefront of the 2D to 3D digital content transition.

Key Features and Use Cases:

  • Transform 2D to 3D: Effortlessly convert any 2D image into a detailed 3D model.
  • Swift Automatic Texturing: Instantly add texture and color to your 3D models.
  • Production-Ready Outputs: Obtain usable, industry-standard 3D assets without the usual time drain.
  • Seamless Integration: Export models to popular modeling tools and enhance them with Kaedim plugins.
  • Proven Efficiency: Kaedim has saved countless artist hours with thousands of models generated.

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