Krikey AI is a groundbreaking platform designed to transform the realm of 3D animation. With its AI Animation Maker, users can effortlessly create videos, games, and more. The platform boasts a comprehensive 3D Animation Editor, allowing users to customize AI animations with distinct facial expressions, hand gestures, and other editing tools. Krikey AI’s vast library offers thousands of high-fidelity animations, ready to be exported for various projects. The platform’s unique features include an AI Text to Animation tool, which generates animations from simple text prompts, and an AI Video to Animation tool that converts any video with human motion into a 3D character animation. Additionally, with the ReadyPlayerMe Avatar Creator, users can design custom 3D avatars and animate them using Krikey AI in mere minutes.

Key Features and Use Cases:
• Customize AI animations with unique facial expressions, gestures, and more.
• Generate animations swiftly using text prompts or convert videos into 3D animations.
• Design personalized 3D avatars with the ReadyPlayerMe Avatar Creator.
• Animate custom avatars using Krikey AI’s advanced animation tools.
• Access a vast library of high-fidelity AI-generated animations.
• Export animations as videos or FBX files for diverse projects.

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