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Looti.io is an innovative lead generation software that leverages AI to enhance your CRM capabilities. The platform uses AI to discover and reach hyper-targeted audiences, helping you identify your ideal customer. With over 20 filters like job titles, keywords, industry, company maturity, technology, hiring, and funding, Looti.io allows you to classify your data and focus on the most qualified leads. The platform also offers AI clustering to unlock hidden potential from your CRM data, providing your best audience attributes to identify your best targets quickly.

Key Features and Use Cases:

• Looti.io uses AI to find your most accurate audiences, helping you reach hyper-targeted leads.
• The platform offers over 20 filters to classify your data and focus on the most qualified leads.
• With Looti.io, thanks to their powerful AI, you can segment your data like a pro.
• The platform provides built-in data cleaning, eliminating the need for manual data cleaning.
• Looti.io offers in-app integrations with your favorite tools, enhancing your lead-generation process.
• The platform’s user-friendly interface and self-service capabilities make setting up and managing your audiences easy.

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