MarketingBlocks, also known as Ethan, is a futuristic AI assistant designed to cater to all your marketing needs. From creating landing pages, promo videos, ads, marketing copy, graphics, emails, voiceovers, and blog posts to art, Ethan does it all. It’s a comprehensive solution for entrepreneurs, agencies, and marketers working with companies of all sizes. With MarketingBlocks, you can generate high-quality marketing assets that are indistinguishable from those created by expert marketers.

Key Features and Use Cases:

• AI Page Builder: Creates full landing pages and websites from a keyword or URL. It generates the layout, writes the copy, and searches for relevant media to create high-converting landing pages.

• AI Video Creator: Creates professional videos to engage your audience and turn them into high-paying customers. It writes the script, searches for relevant media, and combines everything to create professional videos.

• AI Designer: Generates high-converting banner designs in minutes. It creates stunning, conversion-friendly banners and ads with original content written specifically for your business.

• AI Writer: Writes full blogs, books, business plans, VSL scripts, courses, and more in minutes. It generates the necessary content without brainstorming, writing, or editing.

• AI Voices & Voice Clone: Writes voiceover scripts and generates human-like voiceovers with emotions. It offers a wide selection of high-quality male and female AI voices.

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