MarkPrompt is an enterprise-grade AI chatbot platform designed to streamline customer interactions on your website and documentation. It allows you to connect any content source, from public websites to private GitHub repos, and configure the design and tone to match your brand. With MarkPrompt, you can create a chatbot that answers all your customers’ questions in minutes. If a question goes unanswered, you’ll get notified and can take action. It’s a powerful tool for enhancing customer service, improving content, and optimizing user engagement.

Key Features and Use Cases:

    • Connects multiple sources of content for a comprehensive knowledge base.
    • Customizable prompt and model parameters to match your brand’s tone and language.
    • Easy integration with your website or web application via a script tag or React component.
    • Detailed analytics and feedback features for continuous improvement.
    • Supports multiple chatbots based on different data sources for diverse customer inquiries.
    • GDPR-compliant, ensuring the privacy and protection of personally identifiable information (PII).
    • Open-source platform for transparency and trust.

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