Cody is an intelligent AI assistant akin to ChatGPT, but with the advantage of being trainable based on your business, team, processes, and clients. Cody serves as a virtual employee, supporting your team, answering questions, assisting with creative work, troubleshooting issues, and brainstorming ideas. It eliminates the need for keyword searches and context provision, making interactions smooth and efficient. Cody can be taught essential knowledge, customized for different uses, and shared with your employees or customers for easy access. It works in every language, making it a global tool for businesses.

Key Features and Use Cases:

• Cody can be taught essential knowledge by uploading files or importing content using URLs.
• It can be customized for different uses, tailoring roles, strictness, and other settings for an enhanced user experience.
• Cody can be shared with your employees or customers through a shareable link, inline embed, or popup embed.
• Users can interact with Cody by asking questions on the chat screen to receive accurate and relevant answers.
• Cody works in every language, empowering users to connect and collaborate globally.
• It provides robust AWS encryption and SOC II vector database privacy standards, ensuring data protection.

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