Mentioned AI is a powerful tool that automates email outreach for your blog. It scans your content to identify people and companies you’ve mentioned, then sends email campaigns to let them know. This automation saves you time and helps build relationships and brand awareness. Mentioned AI is designed to make influencer outreach and link-building effortless. It’s a simple yet powerful tool that takes away the manual process of finding contact information and composing and sending emails, allowing you to focus on creating compelling content.

Key Features and Use Cases:

• Automated Outreach: Mentioned AI automates the process of reaching out to people and companies mentioned in your content.
• Relationship Building: You can build relationships with new connections by mentioning people and their companies in your blog posts.
• Brand Awareness: The tool helps build brand awareness, increasing the chances of being referred.
• Backlink Building: If you mention someone in your post, they are likelier to share the article with their following, potentially creating backlinks.
• Time-Saving: Mentioned AI saves you hours of manual work in finding contact information and sending emails.

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