Mentum AI is a robust platform that automates product listing for e-commerce, enhancing efficiency and scalability. It sources product information, descriptions, photographs, and more, eliminating the need for manual hunting. Mentum AI also offers e-commerce localization for international sellers and an automatic taxonomy population for fashion items. With Mentum AI, you can focus on expanding your business while it takes care of the intricate details of the product listing.

Key Features and Use Cases:

• Product Information Sourcing: Mentum AI supplies detailed product specifications using EAN/UPC codes or from supplier websites.
• Automated Product Descriptions: The platform generates product descriptions under your templates and specifications.
• E-Commerce Localization: Mentum AI translates all product content into the necessary languages for international selling.
• Fashion Tagging: The platform automatically populates your taxonomy from the fashion image, eliminating manual entry.
• Scalability: Whether you add 100 or a million products to your e-commerce each month, Mentum AI automates your product listing.

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