Olympia is an innovative AI-powered team designed to assist solopreneurs and bootstrapped startups in growing their businesses. Unlike traditional chatbots, Olympia offers a team of experts that can browse the web, analyze results, and learn about your business. With features like Web Search & Browsing, Memory & Note Taking, and Teamwork, Olympia’s consultants remember past conversations and collaborate like a real team. The platform includes specialists in business strategy, contract negotiation, copywriting, and sales, providing a cost-effective alternative to hiring human team members. Powered by GPT-4, Olympia offers around-the-clock availability without rate limits, ensuring secure and humanized interactions.

Key Features and Use Cases:
• Web Search & Browsing: Full Google search capabilities and automatic analysis of results.
• Memory & Note Taking: Consultants store important facts about you and your projects.
• Team Collaboration: AI team members share knowledge, mimicking real team dynamics.
• Specialized Consultants: Access experts in strategy, negotiation, copywriting, and sales.
• Cost-Effective Growth: Ideal for startups and solopreneurs, reducing expenses and fueling growth.

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