PimEyes is an innovative online face search engine that utilizes advanced face recognition technology to find pictures containing specific faces across the Internet. It serves as a reverse image search tool, allowing users to upload a photo and discover where images of their faces are published online. PimEyes is designed to help individuals protect their privacy and defend against scammers, identity thieves, or illegal use of their images. It offers features such as alerts for new results containing your face, the ability to erase unwanted photos from external websites permanently, and more. Whether for personal use or to audit copyright infringement, PimEyes provides a multi-purpose solution to track down faces on the Internet and ensure control over one’s online presence.

Key Features and Use Cases:
• Face Search Engine: Upload a photo to find out where images of your face are published online.
• Reverse Image Search: Utilize facial recognition to perform a reverse image search and find similar images.
• Privacy Protection: Monitor and control where your face appears online, protecting against identity theft and illegal usage.
• Alert System: Set alerts to receive email notifications when new results containing your face are found.
• Erase Unwanted Photos: Permanently remove unwanted photos from external websites.
• Copyright Audit: A valuable tool for auditing copyright infringement and ensuring control over image rights.

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