$7.20 is an advanced AI-powered voice generation platform that transforms text into lifelike, human-sounding audio. The platform boasts over 800 natural-sounding AI voices across 142 languages and accents, ensuring a diverse and multilingual experience. Users can effortlessly create engaging voice content tailored to their audience, from podcasts and audiobooks to explainer videos and e-learning materials. With features like voice cloning, speech styles, custom pronunciations, and voice inflections, offers unparalleled customization. Additionally, the platform provides a multi-voice feature, allowing for dynamic conversations in audio projects. Whether you’re a content creator, educator, or marketer, offers a comprehensive solution to meet all your voice generation needs.

Key Features and Use Cases:
• Extensive Voice Library: Choose from over 800 AI voices across 142 languages and accents.
• Customizable Voice Styles: Adjust rate, pitch, emphasis, and more for a tailored audio experience.
• Multi-Voice Conversations: Craft dynamic dialogues using different voices in a single audio file.
• Voice Cloning: Create any voice and transfer speaking styles for unique voice content.
• Integrations: Seamlessly integrate with platforms like WordPress and utilize the Text to Speech API.

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