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Quickchat AI is a platform that empowers companies to build their multilingual AI assistants powered by generative AI models such as GPT-3. With its no-code platform and powerful integrations, businesses can build conversational AI interfaces and connect them to any website, product, app, game, or smart device. Quickchat AI offers features like automated human handoff, AI personality customization, and a multilingual knowledge base. The platform is trusted by innovators and is designed to revolutionize customer support, sales, and HR with cutting-edge AI.

Key Features and Use Cases:

• Quickchat AI allows you to build a multilingual AI assistant powered by GPT models, enhancing your customer engagement.
• The platform offers a no-code solution, making it accessible to users without technical skills.
• With Quickchat AI, you can embed the Quickchat Web Widget on your website or easily integrate it with any other messaging app, live chat software, or your own application.
• The platform’s automated human handoff feature ensures a seamless transition from AI to human agents when needed.
• Quickchat AI allows you to customize the AI’s conversation style, flow, and vocabulary to match your product, use case, and branding.
• The platform supports multiple languages, allowing you to use the same knowledge base written in English to create a multilingual AI.

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