Sapling AI-Content-Detector

Sapling AI-Content-Detector


Sapling’s AI Content Detector is designed to detect whether text is AI-generated, providing the probability that a piece of content was created by models such as GPT-3.5 or ChatGPT. This AI Writing Detector tool allows users to discern machine-generated text from human-written content. The AI detector uses a machine learning system similar to that used to generate AI content, visualizing the probability for both the entire text and each sentence. An extension is available to check for AI-generated content anywhere on the internet, and the detector is regularly updated to keep up with new systems like GPT-4. Sapling’s AI detector boasts more than 97% accuracy on internal benchmarks.

Key Features and Use Cases:
• Detect AI-Generated Content: Identify whether text is human-written or AI-generated, including detection of GPT-4.
• Visualize Probability: See the likelihood that each word or token in the text is AI-generated.
• Install Browser Extension: Check for AI-generated content across the internet with the Sapling AI Content Detector extension.
• Accuracy and Performance: Catch over 97% of AI-generated texts with false positives below 3%.
• Support for Latest Models: Regular updates to the detector to keep it aligned with new systems like GPT-4.
• API Access: Utilize the AI detector through an API for more extensive use cases.

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