Sapling sits on top of CRMs and messaging platforms, providing real-time suggestions to help sales, support, and success teams compose personalized responses. With features like Sapling Suggest™ for chat and helpdesk tickets, Autocomplete Everywhere™ for deep learning-powered autocomplete suggestions and advanced grammar and language quality checks, Sapling ensures professional and consistent communication. The platform also offers a snippet library for knowledge sharing, integrations with popular messaging and CRM platforms, and robust security measures. Sapling enhances efficiency and customer satisfaction by reducing repetitive messaging tasks and improving response quality.

Key Features and Use Cases:
• Respond Faster: Utilize Sapling Suggest™ to retrieve relevant responses and respond quickly to customer inquiries.
• Improve Language Quality: Catch 60% more language issues with machine learning, ensuring professional communication.
• Increase Efficiency: Reduce response and handle time with autocomplete suggestions and quick insertion of common responses.
• Distribute Knowledge: Share team knowledge through a snippet library accessible on all web applications.
• Gain Business Insights: Use natural language processing to glean insights from customer conversations and monitor trends.
• Omnichannel Support: Integrate seamlessly with tools like ServiceNow, Salesforce, Zendesk, Amazon Connect, and Twilio Flex.

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