$24.97 One-Time Payment is a one-of-a-kind AI assistant designed to automate the process of web data scraping. The platform allows users to import a list of websites or search Google to find the sites they want to scrape. Users can specify the data they wish to collect, and takes care of the rest. It can scrape data for lead generation, market research, competitor analysis, and more, sending the collected data to the user’s preferred destination. The highly customizable platform lets users define how many pages to browse on each website and where to send the scraped data. With a one-time payment, users gain lifetime access to this powerful tool.

Key Features and Use Cases:

  • Quick Setup: Import websites or let find them for you, and you’re ready to start scraping.
  • Versatile Data Collection: From lead generation to market research, collect the data you need effortlessly.
  • Customizable Workflow: Define the number of pages to scrape and where to send the data.
  • Lifetime Access: Pay once and use forever, with one year of updates included.
  • API Integration: Bring your API keys for more advanced functionalities.

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