Seamless.AI is a real-time search engine that empowers B2B companies to find accurate sales leads, enabling them to connect with the right prospects, close more deals, and scale their revenue. It uses AI to crawl the web in real-time, verifying and validating contact information. With Seamless.AI, you can build a massive list of decision-makers, enrich incomplete sales lists, and get up-to-date contact information for your ideal prospects. Trusted by over 400,000 users, Seamless.AI is a game-changer in sales intelligence.

Key Features and Use Cases:

  • Real-time search engine for accurate and up-to-date B2B sales leads.
  • Enrichment of incomplete sales lists with missing contact information.
  • Direct integration with favourite platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, Outreach, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Writer by Seamless.AI for executing sales and marketing messaging.
  • Chrome Extension for turning your browser into a sales utility belt.
  • Detailed analytics and reporting on sales lead generation and engagement.

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