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Second Nature is a pioneering sales training software that harnesses the capabilities of conversational AI to facilitate genuine discussions with sales representatives. This innovative platform is designed to enhance sales rep performances through lifelike AI-powered role plays significantly. By providing a “virtual pitch partner” Second Nature ensures that sales reps are not just practicing but are actively engaging in meaningful conversations. This AI partner scores them, offers feedback, and aids them in refining their skills autonomously, ensuring they excel in every sales call. The platform’s efficacy is evident in its impressive metrics, such as a 46% increase in deals, 45% improvement in sales proficiency, and a 28% boost in bottom-line sales. With the advantage of reducing onboarding time by 30%, Second Nature stands out as a preferred choice for world-class companies aiming to upskill their sales teams.

Key Features and Use Cases:
• Engage in lifelike AI-powered role plays to enhance sales training.
• Benefit from a “virtual pitch partner” that offers real-time feedback and scoring.
• Achieve significant improvements in sales metrics, including deal closures and proficiency.
• Reduce onboarding time, ensuring faster integration of new sales reps.
• Customize training with a variety of AI sales training avatars.
• Practice diverse conversations anytime, anywhere, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

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