Soundraw is an AI music generator designed for creators who need unique, royalty-free music. The platform allows you to generate unlimited music by simply choosing the mood, genre, and length. Soundraw’s unique feature is its ability to customize songs, allowing you to make an intro shorter or change the position of the chorus to match your video. The platform is trusted by creators tired of copyright strikes on platforms like YouTube. With Soundraw, you can create and edit music as easily as you edit videos.

Key Features and Use Cases:

• Soundraw allows you to generate unlimited music, providing many creative possibilities.
• The platform offers a unique song customization feature, allowing you to adjust the song to match your video.
• With Soundraw, you can avoid copyright strikes, as all the music generated is royalty-free.
• The platform provides high-quality mp3 downloads, ensuring the best audio quality for your projects.
• Soundraw offers straightforward pricing with free and personal plans for commercial use, making it accessible for different user needs.

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