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Tavrn / Noah

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Tavrn.art, also known as Noah, is your AI work assistant designed to streamline your workflow by integrating with Google Drive, Notion, and more. Noah can answer questions, summarize content, draft emails, and perform various other tasks to make your work life easier. With a focus on security, Tavrn ensures that all data is encrypted at rest and in transit, adhering to SOC 2 compliant data centers in the US.

Key Features and Use Cases:
• Integrated Workflow: Noah seamlessly integrates with Google Drive and Notion, allowing you to manage files and pages effortlessly.
• Advanced Security: Tavrn employs SOC 2 compliant data centers and encrypts all data to ensure maximum security.
• Email Drafting: Ask Noah to draft emails for you, saving you time and effort.
• Multi-Tool Sync: The platform supports unlimited syncs for every tool, making it highly versatile.

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