Tellhop is a transformative AI-powered platform tailored for the construction industry, aiming to simplify and optimize management tasks. Integrating with Procore, Tellhop allows professionals to create hands-free reports during their drive home. This AI-driven virtual admin captures insights from interactions, allowing users to dictate updates that seamlessly sync with Procore records. The platform reduces manual data entry, enhances productivity, and ensures more accurate record-keeping. From updating daily logs, timecards, and weather conditions to setting reminders and following up via text or email, Tellhop ensures that professionals can focus on their core tasks while the AI handles administrative duties. With its easy setup and user-friendly interface, Tellhop is set to redefine how construction professionals manage their daily tasks.

Key Features and Use Cases:
• Hands-Free Reporting: Dictate updates on the go, which are automatically synced to Procore records.
• AI-Powered Admin: Receive assistance in updating daily logs, timecards, and other Procore records.
• Seamless Integration: Directly integrate with Procore, ensuring all updates are accurately reflected.
• Reminders and Follow-ups: Set reminders and follow-ups, ensuring no task is overlooked.
• Photo Integration: Add photos directly via text, which are then integrated into reports.
• Customizable Experience: Personalize interactions with the AI admin based on individual needs and preferences.

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