Vidds provides a comprehensive suite of AI-powered video editing tools, enabling content teams and individuals to create stunning videos easily. From cutting and cropping to adding text, images, and subtitles, Vidds offers a wide array of functionalities. The platform’s ChatGPT-powered Idea Generator produces video concepts based on keywords, while the Video Wizard generates entire videos with relevant stock assets. Vidds also offers specific tools for creating YouTube videos, real estate videos and adding subtitles or images to videos. With a library of 100+ pre-designed scene templates and features like AI Video, Filter Video, and Trim Video, Vidds simplifies the video creation process, making it accessible to all.

Key Features and Use Cases:
• AI-Powered Idea Generator: Produce video concepts based on keywords or phrases.
• Video Wizard: Generate videos with AI-generated text and relevant stock video assets.
• Online Editor: Intuitive and feature-rich editor for all video creation tasks.
• Specific Tools: Create YouTube videos, real estate videos, add subtitles, images, and more.
• Extensive Templates: Access 100+ pre-designed scene templates for efficient video design.

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