vidIQ is a comprehensive platform designed to boost your YouTube views and subscribers. It provides free insights and guidance to keep your YouTube channel growing, offering features like real-time performance tracking, keyword, title, description recommendations, and view prediction. vidIQ also introduces an AI co-pilot that saves you hours of research by providing personalized prompts for your next hit video and forecasting performance for each idea. Trusted by leading creators, vidIQ is the perfect tool to supercharge your YouTube channel and unite human creativity with the analytical power of artificial intelligence.

Key Features and Use Cases:

• Real-Time Performance Tracking: Track and compare your performance in real time.
• Keyword, Title, and Description Recommendations: Get recommendations designed to get more views and subscribers.
• View Prediction: Focus your efforts on view prediction and see the forecasted performance for each idea.
• AI Co-Pilot: Save hours of research with personalized prompts for your next hit video.
• Trusted by Leading Creators: Join the millions of creators using vidIQ to grow their channels.

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