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Wiz.Chat offers a unique way to boost your Slack workspace by integrating GPT-3 capabilities. You can transform your team’s productivity by simply inviting the @Wizchat bot to your channel and mentioning it with a prompt. Wiz.Chat doesn’t just stop at GPT-3 integration; it also allows you to crawl URLs and use the content in your prompts. Whether you want to summarize or ask questions about specific links, Wiz.Chat has you covered with a free 7-day trial and various pricing plans based on team size, Wiz.Chat is a valuable addition to any Slack workspace looking to leverage the power of GPT-3.

Key Features and Use Cases:
• GPT-3 Integration: Enhance Slack channels with the capabilities of GPT-3 for creative and efficient communication.
• URL Crawling: Crawl URLs and utilize the content in your prompts, summarizing or asking questions as needed.
• Easy Setup: Invite the @Wizchat bot to your channel and start using GPT-3 in your workspace.
• Flexible Pricing: A free 7-day trial and monthly plans based on team size, catering to various needs.
• Transformative Productivity: Leverage AI to boost team collaboration, creativity, and efficiency.

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